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Since there are so many things that a pond provides, that's the first place that I start when working with a landowner.  We'll go over the many different uses for your pond.   Some uses are very complementary and work well together and we can do them all with a single pond.  In some cases we can provide for all the uses you have in mind by compromising on some of them.  There are cases in which your uses will not work together at all.  When that occurs, you will have to decide which uses are most important to you, or we can design more than one pond if your site permits.


Ponds from small to large will attract a variety of waterfowl in the Spring of the year such as these Mallards.  Some of the duck species will stay and nest in and around your pond site.  If attracting and holding waterfowl is a priority for you, your pond design and the surrounding vegetative cover can be optimized for waterfowl. Pair of mallards
Canada Goose Small flocks of Canada Geese are frequent Spring visitors to medium to large ponds.  These graceful visitors are a sure sign of Spring and will arrive shortly after ice out.
Shore birds, like this Great Blue Heron, will visit your pond in search of fish and amphibians.  If they are successful in finding a meal, they will continue to return to your pond on a regular basis.  In the case of a new pond, they'll continue to check back every so often if they are unsuccessful in finding something to eat.  They know that it is just a matter of time before your pond will be teeming with life. Great Blue Heron



Are you interested in fishing?  If so, we need to design a pond that will provide the right environment for raising fish.  The factors of overall pond size and depth come into play in this part of the design. Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass (above) and Bluegill (left) are the two species that work best in Wisconsin ponds.  Other species of fish have been tried in ponds and they all have problems associated with them.  If you have your heart set on other species of fish, I can advise you of the extra work that will be required to maintain other species.

Trout can be stocked in some cases when we have the necessary water temperature and oxygen levels.

Amphibians and Insects

Frogs will move in as soon as the pond begins to fill.  Your nights will be filled with the songs of the frog chorus from early Spring through the middle of Summer.  This is a male Green frog.  The male's eardrum (located just behind the eye) is much larger than the eye.  In the female, the eardrum is the same size as the eye. Male Green Frog
Dragonfly Dragonflies will also find your pond as soon as it begins to fill. This male Green Darner is one of the most beautiful Dragonflies found in this area.   In their larval stage, all Dragonflies prey on mosquito larvae and as adults prey on the adult mosquitoes, so they are not only beautiful, but they earn their keep as well.

Cedar Creek Consulting is located near Madison, WI. We are only able to take on a limited number of projects each season - please call for more information. 608-845-7077.


Bruce Wachholz

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