Pond Building Photos

A pond or wetland restoration project is a huge undertaking.  It takes an element of faith to tear up a beautiful site to construct a pond.  If we do things right the results will be well worth the effort.  In the project shown, we have all of our required permits, we have done a site evaluation which includes soil type, vegetation, and water availability, and we have a pond plan that we are working off of which gives us the confidence to begin.

The site evaluation shows that we have a deep clay/silt soil which will hold the water and that we have a high water table which will fill the pond.   The pond plan gives us the location of the pond, the final size and depth, the amount of material to be moved, the location where we will be moving the material to, construction practices that must be followed, and so on.  The equipment is on site and we are ready to go.

When we are done with the pond building process, we will seed the area and wait for it to fill.  If we have done our homework and follow the pond plan, we'll have a beautiful pond within a few months of completion.  Let's take a look at what's involved.

Getting Started We are just getting started.  We have begun the initial excavation with a large hoe and are pushing the spoil (the excavated material) to the spoil site with a dozer.
Excavating with the hoe One side of the pond is set and we have reached our our final depth.  Here we are carrying the bottom depth along as we form the pond basin.  We have water starting to come in - good sign!
Setting the shape Here we are setting the final shape and smoothing the edges.  Note the wide bucket on the hoe  used for this part of the job.

You can see the heavy clay/silt soil that we have on the site which will provide the water holding properties that we need for a successful pond.

Checking the grade In this photo we are checking the final grade with a laser level.  We need to be sure that the basin is level and that our berms are set correctly.
Starting to fill The final shaping is done, our grades and berms have been checked, and we are done with the hoe.  We have some dozer work to do yet to finish things off.

Once that is done we'll seed down the pond and spoil area.  The pond is continuing to fill - things are looking good.

Finished pond Here we are about 6 weeks later.  The pond is full to the top and a cover crop of oats and winter rye is coming up nicely.

In spring, we'll work the area up and seed to prairie forbs and grasses as a permanent cover.

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