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                            Pond and Wetland Consulting


I provide 3 basic levels of service for pond construction/maintenance and wetland projects. Your plan will be customized to your interests and your desired involvement in the project. Each level of service includes all the items listed as well as all of the services in the previous levels.

If you are a "do-it-yourselfer" you will probably only need the first level of assistance and you can take it from there. If you would like to manage the construction process, but would like some assistance during the project, we move to the second level. If you would like to keep your work to a minimum, we move to level three where I contract with you for the construction of your pond. Let’s look at what’s involved at each stage.

Level 1 - Pond/Wetland Project Planning

Our first step is to discuss exactly what you are looking for in your project. Is attracting wildlife important to you? Are you interested in having fish in your pond? Where do you want your pond? How large a pond do you want? What sort of plant cover do you want around your pond? These are the types of things that we cover, so that I can design the pond that you desire. I will then survey the site and draft the plan.

What you get:

Level 2 – Pond/Wetland Construction Assistance

Once you are ready to go with your project, I’ll provide as much or as little assistance with the project as you need. I’ll be on site when we do the test holes to see if we have the proper soil conditions for a successful pond. If you’d like, I can inspect the project on a daily basis or only at the end before your contractor leaves. I can provide assistance with your seeding plan and answer any other questions that come up. Some of this work must be done on site, but many things can be done over the phone as well, which is more economical for you.

Level 3 – Pond/Wetland Contracting

This is the most complete service. I will obtain any permits that are necessary and will set up the project with the contractor. I will give you the estimated cost and the time and materials rate that you will be charged and will see the project through from start to finish. I will visit the site a minimum of once each day to supervise the project. When we are done, you will have a pond and the disturbed area will be seeded and ready to grow.

How Do We Get Started?

Building a pond is a big project for most people and requires careful planning. This is not something to jump into blindly. Many who have done that have ended up with a very expensive project or even worse, a dry or partially filled hole in the ground rather than a pond.

I’ll come out to your land for a site visit to get the process started. We’ll look over your proposed site and we can discuss your plans. If the site looks promising (we need the right soil and a water source at a minimum!) I can give you a rough idea of the costs, risks, and work involved, and then you can decide if you would like to contract with me. I have a portfolio that shows a project from start to finish, so that you can see what is involved in the process before you get started.  A typical first site visit lasts from 1 to 2 hours.  The goal of the first visit is to determine what your goals for the project are and to see if we can achieve those goals on your site and do so within your budget. 


My fees are $100/hour for all travel, on-site consulting, phone consulting, and time spent preparing the pond planning documents.   Some clients prefer to know the exact cost of my services ahead of time.  In that case I will prepare a bid for your project that will include the total cost of the plan and a detailed description of what services are included in the bid.  I prefer to work on a time and materials basis, but will be happy to bid your project if that works better for you.


I truly love ponds and wetlands. I have 4 ponds on my farm and have plans to add 1 more. 2 of the 4 are shallow-water ponds for wildlife. We have a variety of ducks in the spring and have hatched about 50 Wood ducks a year for the last several years! All summer we see Great Blue Herons, Green Herons, Kingfishers and other water loving birds. In addition to the birds, we enjoy the interesting pond life that comes with having water on your property, like dragonflies, turtles, frogs, and toads. The other 2 ponds are deep-water ponds that we use for fishing and swimming. The ponds are the "jewels" of our property.

I’d love to help you realize your dream of having a pond.


Cedar Creek Consulting is located near Madison, WI. We are only able to take on a limited number of projects each season - please call for more information. 608-845-7077.


Bruce Wachholz


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